Christians Aren’t Immune From Depression

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Ask For Help

This is a different post for me. The article listed below is about Gospel Singing Legend Richard Smallwoods’ battle with depression. You can read the article to get the details, but it really caused me to pause. Two things came to mind. Number one, when you are called to do something, God can still can use you even if you are going through. Through whatever it is. We all have things we are dealing with in this life, but you have to keep moving forward doing what you are called to do. God can still use you and He will still get the glory…

The second thing that came to mind is that we can not let the enemy shame us into not asking for help. Titles aside, we are human beings. Sometimes we have to ask for help. It doesn’t matter if you are a pastor, international renowned recording artist, or a CEO. Reach out a get whatever help you need. Don’t believe the lie that because you are a Christian, you should be able to fix whatever it is alone. That’s a lie from the enemy. ASK FOR HELP!!!

God Bless

CBN Article About Richard Smallwoods’ Battle With Depression

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