Artist Bio

Shawn Horton is on a relentless pursuit to bring his version of Rhythm & Praise music to the forefront of pop-culture. Shawn states “my mission is to teach those within music ministry to effectively operate in the music industry, while fulfilling the will of God for their lives.”As a high school student, Shawn developed a passion for songwriting and music production. His earlier influences came from his parents and grandfather who were music ministers of the Gospel. As a young student, Shawn also drew from the pop and R&B influences of Michael Jackson and Prince. It is the artistic genius of these entertainers that has led Shawn to master several musical instruments and to continue to perfect his skills as a producer and vocalist. In 1990, Shawn attained an Associate of Arts Degree in Music Business Management from the Art Institute of Atlanta and launched his first company May 19th Productions.The mission of May 19th productions is to produce ministry products and tools in all available media formats to ensure mass distribution, in order to reach all corners of the earth. With over 15 years of expertise in the music industry, Shawn launched the next level of his ministry, an online record label, Go Forward MusicGroup.

The vision of the online record label is to effectively minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through God inspired music. 

Armed with the knowledge that with God all things are possible; Shawn is systematically attacking the kingdom of darkness and telling all who will answer His call to “Go Forward.”

Shawn resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Joneen and their two sons.